Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haii 8D

I don't have anything to talk about today. So I shall talk about how I have been doing, for anyone that cares. xD Today is a sick day. o.o I stayed home from school because I have a stupid cold. Am I the only one who hates cold weather?

So how has everyone been lately? :D If you'd like me to look at your blog just leave a comment and let me know which blog in case you have more than one. I've seen some people with like ten or fifteen blogs. Maybe a little less but it was a lot more blogs than I could ever handle.

Here's a random note: My favorite smiley ever is =3. It is an adorable kitty face. Am I the only one who has an odd obsession for text smileys?



Araken said...

Actually, I enjoy cold weather, although thunderstorms are much better.

I'll be praying for your health.

I like the classic :) best.

Sarah said...

I like cold weather sometimes, but not a lot of it. I'm bout ready 4 Spring :) btw I hope ya feel betta!!

Haha i like smiley's 2. I use these 3 the most: :) :D :P
I think i use them 2 much, but doesnt most ppl?

incase u wanna look at my blog, my MAIN 1 is A Girl of Many Animals, but I post on all of them. my 2nd main 1 isnt listed on my profile but its A Girl of Many Pictures & th address is: agomqpictures.blogspot.com

k well this comment is waaay 2 long so bye now :)

Vincent Valentine said...

Always an honor to meet a fellow as I lay dying fan! They are great, not my favorite but good. Ever heard of demon hunter? They are thee greatest christian metal band ever ever ever.
Nice to meet you!

Ian said...

Cold weather is great, because nobody usually follows me outside when it's five below zero =D

You know, it seems like the earlier YCF members (including me) don't post as frequently anymore...we must be getting too old...:P


HeartSong said...

I adore cold weather! So refreshing.

Madi said...

Hey Sapphira! Its been awhile, but I used to read your blog. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi. "Hi!" Also, I have a new blog that I do with some of my friends if you want to take a look. The address is: wwww.threethreadsblog.blogspot.com

Hope your feeling better now!

Galadriel said...

BDMY all the wall, mallet and monkey rule!

Melea said...

I don't really like cold weather unless it's a could rain storm with thunder! I love the smells and sound!

I think my favorite smiley is :D or :) or even :P. But yours is really cute though!